Aberdeen Grammar School - Class of 1959

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We are updating our Class of 1959 webiste insupport of our upcoming 60th Class Reunion to be held in Aberdeen on 20th / 21st May, 2019, and also as the ongoing focal point for keeping in touch.

The News pages will keep you informed and up to date.

The Classmates database has been updated with the most recent contact information. This detailed contact information is password-secured; if you would like any information, please use the Request Access form.

We will keep the Lost & Found pages to help to track down missing classmates. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

The Photographs database holds copies of all our class photographs, and is the most visited section of our website. If you have other school photos (sports, CCF, Prefects, etc) please email a copy to me and I will be happy to add them to the database.

Please use the Notice Board to leave any message or information about classmates. This is a very useful and interactive way to keep in touch.

The Links page lists links to other websites of interest. Additional suggestions are welcome.

The Contact page gives you an easy way to request or submit information about the website or classmates.

The Request Access feature is an online process to request a password that will allow you access to classmates' contact information.

I hope you will find the website both informative and useful.

Peter J.

Vancouver Island, Canada