Aberdeen Grammar School - Class of 1959

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Lost and Found

Wanted - 13 missing Upper 5 classmates.

Jne 2009. We would like to have a complete list for Upper 5 - as that was our last set of school photographs.
There are only 13 missing addresses - can anyone help??

Even if you do not know where they are I would still appreciate ANY information - where did they work? any known relatives? what were their interests? anything that might give a lead in tracking them down. It is more satisfying than doing the crossword - so go for it - track them down.

Posted June 2009

Lost & Found - how are we doing?

STOP PRESS June 2009 - We are now up to 106 with a current address.

March 08May 08
Total Classmates207207
Current Address8892
Address Unknown6764
Left prior June 19562624

We are doing well but we have a long way to go. Classmates who moved away from Aberdeen during their school years have been grouped under 'Left prior to June 1956.' They will probably be the hardest to track down, but having said that we have been in touch again with Simon Pratt (1947-54), who now lives in Yorkshire, and Elrick Mackie (1951-53) who is in West Australia.

Recently we have also been in touch with Douglas Allan (1946-56) - New Zealand, and Ken Campbell (1953-58) - Tenessee, USA.

Please go to the Classmates section and send whatever you know about any of our 'lost' classmates - it only takes a click on the Add/Change info link - we need the help of everyone.

Posted May 2008





David A Jones (1953-58)Left for Broxburn High School - St John's House, Broxburn - possibly Ministry
David G Anderson (1954-58)Address unknown.
Donald A G Cameron (1957-59)Came from George Watsons. May have returned to Edinburgh.
Gordon R Spate (1950-59)Last known address - Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Brunei
James T Carnie (1953-59)Last known address was Ontario, Canada.
Not at Acton.
Kenneth G Robertson (1953-59)MA,Dip Ed. Aberdeen
Martin C Riddell (1955-58)Address unknown.
T Neil L Ferguson (1953-58)Was at Falkirk High School for 1956
W Graham Pyle (1953-59)Worked at Stoneywood. Moved to Paisley.
William H Sutherland (1957-59)Not at this address - Cults, Aberdeen. May have moved to France?
David J Remedios (1952-57)David & Vivienne emigrated to Australia in the 1960s and they are currently living in Elanora Heights NSW.